Anuhea Street Team

Hey everyone!
It's Anuhea, and MAHALO for your interest in being part of my street team! We're calling this campaign "Anu-Nation" (get it? A NEW nation? ;) It's my cyber and physical street team for fans and supporters of the music from around the world. Please leave your info here! I'll follow you on Twitter, be your Facebook and Myspace friend, and we can keep in touch. You'll get perks like free stuff, you'll be the first to know any exciting news and special announcements throughout my journey to the top, don't be surprised if you're surprised with gifts from time to time! (I love surprises!) And best of all, the top street team members of Anu-Nation will get passes to any of my shows...ANY show! Even if I'm opening for Madonna! If you can come to the show, you're in! Help me get there, and I'll help you rock out!

What I ask of my AnuNation members (AnuNationals) is to promote me. The music can speak for itself, but as a Hawaii based artist from a small indie label, I have GOT to ask for help from faithful fans to spread the word. The more people that know, the more we can do. Tours, music videos, more music, collaborations, etc. You can direct people to iTunes, or to a store near them so they can buy the CD. Let them know I'm coming to town and where. Rock an Anuhea t-shirt or sticker and upload your pix on this site. If I'm coming to YOUR town, I'll send you posters and fliers and you can put them up around your city.

(Side note to the AnuNationals: Honestly I'm more into the online cyber promotions-- no paper to print, and potentially pollute the streets. So cyber will mostly be the way to go. If I do print promotional stuff its almost always on recycled paper. Just a side note, lets keep all the paper to a minimal.)

So leave your contact info, we'll hit you up, and go ahead and get started! I'll be checking out who's helping.
Thank you soooooooo much!!!

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