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Updated: May 30, 2019


I am amazed humbled, honored, elated and most of all THANKFUL!! Mahalo mahalo NUI to the HARA Academy for voting me into this prestigious honor.

I’ve been working so hard to push my limits as greatly as I can as an artist, singer, role model, songwriter, Hawaiian, mother, and human being, and I now find myself BEYOND motivated to continue striving to be the best version of myself: to “just keep jamming” through all life’s ups and downs.

I want to continue to make others know they’re not alone in their journey to become their ‘best selves’, and to embrace their uniqueness and imperfections, and boldly be who they want to be.

With this platform I look forward to doing more for the youth of Hawai’i through my Aloha Always Foundation and our scholarships for higher education. Education, kids and instilling confidence and acceptance are huge passions of mine, and I am SO excited to continue working hard to empower, educate, inspire Hawai’i’s youth!

Aloha Always Scholarship applications for the Fall 2019 Semester will be available next week, and deadline later this summer.

Big Fundraising Pā’ina on Maui 6/29, too! More info on and please follow @alohaalwaysfoundation on IG!

Here are a few highlights from Saturday’s Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards!

Watch ALL the clips and videos from the Hoku’s, including our performance on ⭐️

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