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The main difference between a synthetic diamond and a real stone is the type of production. A synthetic version is made by a technological process (man-made) and a real diamond is created by a geological process in nature. Synthetic diamonds can also be referred to as "HPHT diamonds" or "CVD diamonds" which are named after the methods of production.

HPHT stands for High Pressure High Temperature, and this is the original process used to grow diamonds in the lab. It has the disadvantage of being quite energy intensive and therefore expensive. CVD, or Chemical Vapor Deposition, is a newer process in which the gem is grown in a smaller pressurised chamber. In this process, vaporised carbon is used to 'grow' the diamond around a seed crystal. CVD diamonds are much cheaper to produce but often have a pronounced yellow color. If this is not desired, further treatments are necessary to make the diamond whiter. Lab Grown Diamonds Manufacturer.

Both HPHT and CVD synthetic diamonds can be found in a variety of colors such as: clear white, yellow, brown, blue, green and orange.CVD Diamonds Manufacturer.

There is a cost benefit for those who wish to purchase synthetic diamonds over real diamonds. Lab-produced diamonds and gems cost up to 30% less than those mined from the Earth.

For those wary of the harmful ecological effects and the illicit diamond trading that goes along with the mining of real diamonds, the synthetic option is best.

There are also more styles and sizes available in synthetic diamonds as lab producers are able to control variables when creating the gems rather than allowing the natural processes of the Earth to do the creating. If you would like a bigger, more colorful diamond without paying high prices, purchasing a synthetic diamond or gem is the best option. While natural diamonds take millions of years to produce, man-made gems can take as little as a few days to be created making the ordering process quick and easy.

bhanderi lab grown diamonds

bhanderi lab grown diamonds

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