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New Song "Lotus" Out Now!

The Making of 

By Anuhea • 4/11/24


I wanted to share with you the unique journey behind my new song "Lotus" and how it came to be a significant part of my upcoming releases.

"Lotus" was born on a whim during a mentoring camp for young aspiring music makers here in Hawai'i. Alongside my two fellow mentors, Kimie Miner and Izik, we decided to participate in the songwriting exercise we had just assigned to the kids. Almost as a joke at first, we quickly came up with the concept for "Lotus," a song about breaking through hard times, (original version came complete with a rap and everything, lol). To our surprise, the kids loved it, and so did we.

I felt a deep connection to the song and knew I wanted to take it to the next level. Over the following year, I dedicated countless hours to writing and perfecting each meaningful lyric, reflecting on my own personal growth and experiences. I would lay down scratch vocals from my bedside microphone into my laptop, often with my son laying next to me with headphones on.

When it came time to record "Lotus" properly, I gathered a talented team of musicians in Honolulu, including my guitar player of 15 years and a longtime reggae drummer friend, to bring the song to life. The result is an incredible collaboration that embodies the message of blooming—of overcoming adversity and emerging stronger.

As I celebrate 15 years since my award-winning self-titled debut album "Anuhea" in 2009, I knew "Lotus" would be the perfect first release to represent this new era!!  It will be the first of 15 new artistic expressions I'll release one by one until we reach 15. Each release is a celebration of my journey and a gift to my fans, old and new.

"Lotus" is the first of fifteen independent releases celebrating my fifteen years in the music industry. It embodies the theme of resilience and growth, even in the darkest of times.


I am excited to share this song with the world and to embark on this new chapter of my career.

I have poured my heart and soul into this project, overcoming hardships, doing a lot of work on myself and shedding emotional baggage along the way. Now, I feel liberated and ready to bloom.

I invite you to join me in celebrating this new era—the Lotus era! #partylikealotus

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