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Aloha everyone, its me, Anuhea!

I'm so excited to take this NEW journey on Patreon! Here I will have the ability to be more raw with all aspects of my artistry. I can stay connected to my true authentic self and also to stay connected to YOU, my coolest and sweetest AnuJammers.  With this transparency, I hope to inspire and empower you, knowing always that you're never alone. 

Like so many of us, this past year hit me hard. I found myself lost, and pretty much had a mental breakdown. I had to reassess my lifestyle, reconnect to my life purpose, and decided to submerge myself FULLY into my art again. My life's purpose is to INSPIRE. I will do everything I can to nurture that purpose, and give back all that I can spare.

The support from my fans has been incredible over the past 12+ years.  I want to deepen that relationship here on THIS platform, Patreon.  I'll be sharing exclusive content that you can subscribe to: Packages that I've created with special thought and care.

Some of the things in my tiers include new music, videos, blogs, behind the scenes podcast access, new merchandise, art, direct communication in Zoom rooms, deep convos, shout out videos, and more.  You can choose what aspect of my artistry you want me to share with you by subscribing to the "Tier" of your choice.

Your support helps me pay my bills and continue creating music independently. I will be transparent through my life's journey in motherhood, being a new wife, my mental health, sobriety, navigating my raw emotions, sharing my thoughts and opinions, and really reconnecting to my true authentic self again.

Ive done SOOOO much soul searching lately, and I’m so inspired right now. We all have to protect our inner light! In the past I've made the mistake of giving too much of my energy to people who don't appreciate it. Just wasting it, and it was sucking the life out of me!  I won’t make that mistake anymore. By staying connected to the people who appreciate my art the most (YOU!), I will protect that light, and will be able to let it shine brighter. I hope to inspire YOU to do the same!

Let's go on this journey together!! Just keep jamming!

Thank you for your support and your aloha!

Just Keep Jamming Podcast Anuhea
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