This is really difficult, but we just need to get this sad news over with, so here it goes: We went in for an ultra sound for baby and sadly there was no heart beat. 😔

It’s called a missed miscarriage. Baby is still in there, but my body doesn’t know it’s stopped growing yet. So I’m currently a weird state of limbo just waiting for it to pass.

We are pretty devastated. We have been riding a roller coaster of emotions and I just want to pretend it’s not real. But I need to move on to heal. This info needed to be shared with you all. You guys have been so sweet and supportive with your well wishes on our pregnancy 😭 you deserve to know what’s up. We knew that when we decided to publicly announce that we were expecting, that it meant we had to be willing to share this journey with you. And... well... this is the reality of this journey. It’s not pretty, and sadly it didn’t work out this time.

I want to let other women who’ve miscarried, or who’ve struggled with fertility know they are not alone. The pain is real, (emotionally and physically), and just facing the sad