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Anuhea's 20 for 2020

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I attended a cute lil shindig last year at my bff's house on Maui with a bunch of fellow Mana Wahine's (strong Hawaii women). We shared with one another 19 of our goals for the new year, 2019. Here we are, a year later, and I'm proud to say I DID indeed accomplish so many of them! More than i expected!

Its amazing how when you SPEAK your intentions, how much that can set your dreams into motion! Also, I feel like writing your goals down (like on paper) is a huge way to manifest the dreams into fruition!

I still gotta write these down on paper, but for now...

Here are my 20 goals for 2020!

  1. Be more punctual!! (repeat of last year ugh. I need help! LOL)

  2. Communicate more with friends and loved one's (like call and meet up , not just texting!)

  3. Do more YOGA!


  5. Set up a startup VENUE here on Big Island

  6. Have a bomb wedding.... and not be in debt afterwards ;)

  7. Expand merchandise line but hire OTHER people do more labor, so I have more time

  8. Write and record a Reggae-only EP

  9. Hire a financial planner

  10. Help Jordan start up his personal training business

  11. Eat less meat

  12. Run a half marathon (again)

  13. Go camping more

  14. Refresh and rejuvenate my fluency in Hawaiian language 'olelo Hawai'i

  15. Throw my dad a bomb 60th bday party!

  16. Expand the Aloha Always Foundation into something other than scholarships... Sponsor a teacher or two? Sponsor a family? Donate supplies?

  17. Print photos and compile into photo albums/scrapbooks

  18. Get Invisalign! LMAO

  19. Learn more recipes

  20. Hone in my live shows and take to the NEXT LEVEL :)

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