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Anuhea's 20 for 2020

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I attended a cute lil shindig last year at my bff's house on Maui with a bunch of fellow Mana Wahine's (strong Hawaii women). We shared with one another 19 of our goals for the new year, 2019. Here we are, a year later, and I'm proud to say I DID indeed accomplish so many of them! More than i expected!

Its amazing how when you SPEAK your intentions, how much that can set your dreams into motion! Also, I feel like writing your goals down (like on paper) is a huge way to manifest the dreams into fruition!

I still gotta write these down on paper, but for now...

Here are my 20 goals for 2020!

  1. Be more punctual!! (repeat of last year ugh. I need help! LOL)

  2. Communicate more with friends and loved one's (like call and meet up , not just texting!)

  3. Do more YOGA!


  5. Set up a startup VENUE here on Big Island

  6. Have a bomb wedding.... and not be in debt afterwards ;)

  7. Expand merchandise line but hire OTHER people do more labor, so I have more time

  8. Write and record a Reggae-only EP

  9. Hire a financial planner

  10. Help Jordan start up his personal training business

  11. Eat less meat

  12. Run a half marathon (again)

  13. Go camping more

  14. Refresh and rejuvenate my fluency in Hawaiian language 'olelo Hawai'i

  15. Throw my dad a bomb 60th bday party!

  16. Expand the Aloha Always Foundation into something other than scholarships... Sponsor a teacher or two? Sponsor a family? Donate supplies?

  17. Print photos and compile into photo albums/scrapbooks

  18. Get Invisalign! LMAO

  19. Learn more recipes

  20. Hone in my live shows and take to the NEXT LEVEL :)

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sapna mathur
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Ray Sinsay
Ray Sinsay
Jan 29, 2020

Anu, you’ve inspired me once again. Here’s my 20 for 2020

20 for 2020

1. Be healthier. Go to the gym, walk during breaks at work drink more water and go to all scheduled doctor appointments

2. Meditate and pray daily

3. Learn how to properly swim and surf

4. Give back. Volunteer at a nursing home or hospice

5. Practice more gratitude

6. Cook more often

7. Be more punctual. Leave home 15 minutes earlier.

8. Get more stamps in passport

9. Save $250 or more each month

10. Save at least $1K of tax return

11. Get rid of clutter, purge. Marie Kondo

12. Be more connected with people and have more meaningful time. Put phone down


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