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E8: Whale Day Maui, Bridal Shower, and sneaky snakes!

Date - Monday Feb 25th, 2019

Wine of the Week - Penner Ash Red Wine

Weekly Recap -

Whale Day Maui

my brother moving

Bff's bridal shower

and more.

AnuJammers Appreciation Shout Out - Leyla Gonzales @pukahlani

Juicy Story - Sneaky Snakes

Mom Life - Tball mom

AnuJammers Giveaway - Aloha Always Foundation shirts, tell me a positive story

Anuheas Goodies - use code CRUISE for $10 off your order

Song Feature - Endlessly

MAHALO for watching!

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It was so special day!

Snow Rider


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Maui Whale Day, A Very Special Day! doodle baseball

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