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Deeper into what I know about myself

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Keeping it real while maintaining the aloha: what does that mean to me? What does that mean to you?

With this now DECADE in the music scene, I want to take this New Years season to REFLECT and appreciate everything I’ve come from. All the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the inspiration I’ve gathered, and really own who i am and who I have become in the process.

Additionally, I want to challenge myself more than ever to take these NEXT 10 years with such intent and focus, so the years I have left on this Earth can be maximized and enjoyed to their full potential.

My goal is simply: to live my best life.

And in the process of me striving to do so, and SHARING my mana’o and my realness with you, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Like the title of this blog says: “Keeping it real” in the sense of..... I’m not putting up a front. What I feel comfortable sharing, I will share with anyone. And I’m usually pretty comfortable sharing everything. I’m very open, and that can be a bad thing for me sometimes, cause I trust too many people, and some peoples intentions are impure, but for the most part I believe people are good, and I want to show that we can all be real and vulnerable and honest in order to find connections between us.

The person you see on stage and on instagram IS me. But just a snippet of me, and an aspect of me. Here are some things I know about myself. I am a happy person. I genuinely love meeting fans and putting on shows for them, however I have developed massive anxiety about it from time to time. I need my alone time, to plan, and prepare. I work a lot. From home, and traveling. I sometimes need a break from being a boss and to just let loose, or relax. To fill my cup up, and not light myself on fire to keep others warm.

Motherhood came upon me pretty suddenly, but it has been the most amazing journey EVER EVER in my life. I’m obsessed with my son. I love all kids actually. And dogs. (Most cats too.) I love my fish (i have four of them). I love wine. I used to love Crown Royal, but I’ve kinda grown out of that phase. The hangovers in your 30’s are no joke. I have TONS of flaws. Emotionally, and physically, duh. And we all do! But I’ve come a long way.

After motherhood and as I age, I’m trying to do it as gracefully as possible. I’ll be open about it, after feeding my infant son, things on my body were no longer located where they used to be, and I’m not trying to hide it— women I’ll tell you all about it if you want and give you my advice/thoughts on the process ;). I have an awesome boyfriend. I also have a baby daddy. We were engaged about 3 years ago. The break up was slow and painful, but things are awesome now. We’ve all come a really long way, and for real, I’ve never been happier. I have an amazing family. We have occasional drama. But who doesn’t? We love each other so much and are closer now than we’ve been in years. We struggle with staying close, just cause of our schedules and different islands, but we are learning how to stay together. I have the insatiable desire to do more. More outreach, more helping, more music, more videos, volunteering, blogging, working out, traveling, buying a home, starting my nonprofit, etc etc etc … but I’m learning to chip away at everything, goal by goal.

Have a great week, AnuJammers!

Aloha always,



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