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E11: On a boat, bish

Keeping it Real While Maintaining the Aloha

Date. Monday March 18th

Episode 11

Wine of the Week - Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon. Michael David - goes with bBQ

Weekly Recap

-on the cruise ship

Flash Sale was awesome 99% of orders went out, there were still a couple that I’ll be contacting you personally to lyk.

- Simple Love Song challenge - chose the big winner : Bomb

AnuJammers Appreciation Shout Out


Juicy Story

-my boyfriend wore my pants to dinner tonight

MAHALO for watching!

RIP Kaliko Keaweehu

Integral part of the island music and island reggae scene working with bands like Maoli, The Steppas, Loeka Longakit, Innavision, One Rhythm, and so many more. You will be missed.

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