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My 19 for 2019

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

1. Be more punctual.

2. Make the Aloha Always Foundation an official non profit.

3. Award 10k in scholarships this year.

4. Develop the Aloha Always Foundation merchandise line more. (great fundraising tool for the foundation)

5. Have more consistent communication with my fans (blog, Vlog, THIS ;) )

6. Mend my family relationships.

7. Run another half marathon (or two).

8. Start my son in piano lessons or something performing arts.

9. Get a new passport. (fully unrecognizable pic got me stranded at customs in Aotearoa) lol.

10. Grow flowers and herbs.

11. Volunteer with Kids. (young ones... don't make expand or I'll cry again)

12. Re-establish new standards within my business.

13. Take more fashion risks.

14. Encourage and inspire my family and loved ones.

15. Go on a vacation.

16. Start saving for a down payment on a house.

17. Pray Daily.

18. Do more women's empowerment, goal setting and educational get-togethers, and workshops.

19. Write, record, and release more MUSIC!

My best friend since Kindergarten, Kaimana (front right) initiated this little pä'ina she called 19 for 2019. Mana wahine (powerful women) in her life were invited to meet, wine, pupu and share their goals for the new year. It was a casual get together that turned into some amazing connections and manifestations for a bright goal-oriented new year for all! Mahalo Kaimana for having us over, and it was so great connecting with these bad ass women!

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