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Watch our brand new "Riddles" Music Video!

Aloha Anujammers!

Surprise! I'm pleased to announce the release of my official music video for the song Riddles off my Follow Me album!

This video was shot in one night, inside and around the Blue Note Napa March 30th, 2019. Shot and Edited by Eric Tirazona of Eric T Media Big Mahalo to all who were featured in the video, to the Blue Note Napa and its staff and management, and YOU AnuJammers for all the love and support! Cast: Anuhea, Jason Sensation, Good Vibe J, Revdren, Ricky and Emily Oneal, and sister Lexi.


Written by: Anuhea Jenkins and Ross Vanelli

Verse 1: G D Bm A

I still remember going on our first date You showed up late And guess what, I paid… You say you’re gonna introduce me to your friends Its been two months I haven’t met them yet

Chorus: G D Bm A

I can’t wait till its all too late And leave it up to fate When all you do is talk in riddles I want to spend my life with you But you leave me so confused When all you do is talk in riddles

Verse 2: G D Bm A

Here you go again with another lame excuse You’re tried and true Its nothing new Hey hey now Finally when I think you see the light You drift away into the night

Bridge: E Bm A ... G D

I’m tired of talking myself to sleep You’re basically an absentee You’re doing it again to me I shoulda left your ass yesterday I wish it was that easy

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