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Anuhea is a multi-talented recording artist from the island of Maui who blends acoustic guitar, Reggae, Pop, and R&B to create a unique musical style all her own. Anuhea's songs are a reflection of her own life experiences. Her genuine and authentic songwriting style, mixed with clever relatability and raw delivery, speaks to the hearts of fans of all ages. She has won several Na Hoku Hanohano awards, including Female Vocalist of the Year in 2019. Anuhea has toured extensively in the US and internationally. With eight albums and numerous hit songs to her name, Anuhea has established herself as one of Hawaii's top artists of her generation.

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"Lotus" - My New Song Inspired by Growth and Resilience

I’m stoked to share my latest song "Lotus," with you all! This song is deeply personal, drawing inspiration from the lotus flower's incredible journey. Just like the lotus rises from the murky depths to bloom in the sunlight, "Lotus" represents growth, transformation, and the beauty of overcoming adversity. This flower holds a special place in my heart, symbolizing the strength and resilience we all possess, even when faced with the toughest challenges. I hope this song resonates with you and brings a little light into your day.

Lotus Album Cover

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