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New Song "Just Keep Jamming" - my anthem for mental health

My brand new song (first one in over a year!!!!) is finally out! 🎶”Just Keep Jamming”🎶 As we acknowledged World Mental Health day just a few days ago, I release this song which is my ode to positive mental health and healing through MUSIC.

Music heals me everyday, whether it’s me listening to it, or jamming on my guitar all by myself, or in front of a crowd. Jamming keeps me in my own little world for awhile, and helps all the craziness melt away. It also helps you know….for every pain there’s a melody no matter how hard life can get, you're never alone in the feelings you feel. 🎶You gotta know… you’re not alone 🎶

I hope that this song brings comfort to people who are going through tough times mentally and emotionally. I personally have had a rough year, struggling with mental health and many personal and professional changes, and I realize I needed to fall back in love with MUSIC again! Just listening to a special song, or jamming away on my guitar helps keep me grounded and centered, and focused only on the moment, rather than worrying about the road ahead or the past behind me. I wrote this song in the hopes it can do the same for people—let the music HEAL them from the inside out.

The song is featuring my boy Ariki Foster from Kauai, (originally from Aotearoa/New Zealand). He’s rapping on it, and he’s also the producer on the track. This collaborative effort brings tears to our eyes cause we both know how much music has gotten us through tough times lately. Loved connecting on that level. And big ups @thebeatinventor for the mix and master. I made the art 😇

Hope you guys can connect with this song, too! Available now on every streaming platform.

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jane Lily
jane Lily
2 days ago

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