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The Mini-MBA is an opportunity to expand your leadership abilities, where students will be introduced to the classic MBA disciplines

What is MBA

MBA is Master of Business Administration. Today it is considered a very prestigious specialty. The MBA allows for a complete and effective postgraduate management specialization. In fact, all general management skills and knowledge are strengthened. These skills are necessary for those who want to make a qualitative leap in work. They also allow you to move up the career ladder, having received a high position.

MBA - what is the need?

Now that we have a slightly clearer idea of what an MBA is, the question is whether it is really needed in the world of work.

If a person has a desire to grow in his company and, above all, there is a concrete opportunity to make a career, then an MBA will be able to provide the necessary skills. Similarly, if a person wants to specialize or become a consultant for high-level companies, an MBA is almost mandatory because it provides the tools to review communication strategies and activities within the company.

In addition, employers are increasingly attracted to the Mini-MBA format to improve the skills of their employees.

Today, however, many business schools are rejecting the idea of a mini-MBA - it lacks the breadth and depth that make a full MBA so valuable. But still, it is a very valuable and useful program. It should be understood that the mini-MBA does not replace the full-time MBA, but shows how the needs of students are changing.



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