The song "Tell Me Bout the Good Ol Days" made famous by The Judds has been a favorite of mine and my family's. From mom's karaoke nights to jam sessions with the ohana, to playing it live with my band on tour as a fun country tribute. 

My Grandpa, Robert Arthur Smith, is originally from Limestone, New York.  A self-taught musician, after graduating high school (he was his class President)  he joined the Air Force and was stationed in Mountain Home, Idaho.  Grandpa met Grandma, got married, had kids, and moved the family from Idaho to Oregon. Grandpa went on to work for Rodger's Organ Company, building musical instruments for his career. As long as I remember, Grandpa always had a little home-recording studio in his spare bedroom. When I started becoming a musician and would tour through Oregon, Grandpa would always ask to check out my guitars. He'd ask how I like it, and sample them out. I'd observe him getting into deep convos with my band members, comparing models, and even getting deep about pickups and strings. Till this day, Grandpa continues to play guitar in his band for his church and has weekly gigs.  

As all grandparents get older, I wanted to honor my sweet and talented Grandpa with something special.  Not just for him to experience, but something that would live on forever.  I wanted to record and release a song WITH him.

On a recent family trip to Oregon, I rented an AirBnB in the mountains and invited the whole family over for some food and a jam sesh. Using my laptop and a recording interface, I created a make-shift live studio session right on the back porch of that AirBnB. With our family sitting around hi