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E5: New house, Superbowl

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Aloha all!

Didn't really get to write a proper blog, but here are the basics:

Just moved in to our new house-- bigger, nicer, and more space for activities.

Been crazy busy during this move, but trying desperately to keep up with everything. Heading to Texas text week, as well as the One Love Cali Fest.

Check out the Live Stream here!

Episode 5 - Keeping it Real While Maintaining the Aloha

Wine of the week: 19 Crimes Red Blend

Topics this week included:


• My review of Maroon 5's Halftime show for the Superbowl

• And a bunch of stuff coming up including Texas, One Love, Vegas, Maui, etc.

• I performed an acoustic version of "Who Knew" off my newest Follow Me album


The first thing we set up in our new house: TV and streaming for the Superbowl. YAY. Moving sucks, but we did it

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