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Football & Music & a Blood Wolf Moon! (ENTER TO WIN THE WHITE UKE!)

Aloha all!

Running behind today, but trying my best to maintain consistency and quality! Lord help me!

I just logged off of my weekly live stream on IG, and came back here to follow up with the weekly WRITTEN blog.

Topics this week included:

•Wine of the week

• The NFL Probowl Halftime show I did back in 2010

• Singing the National Anthem at the Seahawks vs. Vikings game in 2015 (FREEZING COLD!)

• We did some Hawaiian culture trivia to give away two of my brand new hats!

Question 1: Maui's flower is the Lokelani rose. Inspiration behind my newest rose patch on some of my new merchandise. To win one of my new hats, I asked What is the Moloka'i plant/flower/shell that represents the island? First comment to get it correct was the winner!

Question 2: In Hawaiian culture, the gods Wakea & Ho'ohokulani gave birth to a baby, but it was stillborn. From his grave grew the very first KALO (Taro) plant, which would be the essence of life and the staple for all Hawaiians. They had a second baby, and that child became the first Hawaiian. What was that name? Here's an awesome article about the First Hawaiian!

The winner was already decided based on comments on the LIVE stream on IG, so no need to answer... but feel free to take a stab at it below! ;)

• I gave directions on how you can WIN a custom white painted ukulele delivered straight to you tomorrow, (just by commenting below your New Years Resolution!) Winners picked LIVE at 11am Hawaii time!

• I also told you to follow @alohaalwaysfoundation on Instagram to find out how you can NOMINATE someone ELSE to win a Kala Brand Ukulele Starter Kit package from me! The Aloha Always Foundation is my soon-to-be Non Profit Organization that helps to empower, educate, and inspire Hawai'i's youth by granting scholarships for higher education.

More coming soon! But comment below to become part of the community!! My goal is to create a small community of people who tune in and listen to these streams, who can give eachtoher feedback, and help one another while we keep it real and maintain the aloha in all aspects of our lives!

Comment below with your New Years Resolution for 2019 and be entered to win a sick WHITE Kala Brand 'ukulele that I painted myself ;).

Aloha always,


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24 de jan. de 2019

Put my needs first and be a happier version of me


Ashlyn Martines
Ashlyn Martines
24 de jan. de 2019

My New Years Resolution this year is to save money & buy a house my babies can call home!


My 2019 New Years resolution is to laugh more and create more positive memories with my Keiki and hubby! Kids grow up way too fast! It’s hard living so far from home (Oahu born and raised) and missing our roots and culture but I know aloha comes from within and sharing with our Keiki by example is how it’s done! So here’s to “keeping it real while maintaining the aloha“! okole maluna! Kāmau kī aha!


My New Year’s resolution is to learn to play

the ukele so I can play with my husband in his

weekend Beach group and surprise him!

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